How to Make Cardboard Armor

How to Make Cardboard Armor. Making cardboard medieval armor is a good craft for kids, especially kids who like to play dress-up. Follow these steps to create a suit of armor for your little knight.

Find a picture of armor to use as a guide. Draw it on paper so you can test the size and shape. Hold it up against the body of the warrior to make sure it's roughly the right size before you cut it from the cardboard.

Lay your paper pattern out on the cardboard. Cut the cardboard, adding an inch all the way around. You can trim off the excess if you need to, but cardboard won't bend as easily as the paper, so it needs to be a bit bigger.

Flip the cardboard over and score the inside using the end of an ink pen. Score the cardboard where it needs to flex to make a good fit.

Attach leather or rope handles using a stapler. Staple them on the inside of the armor so they won't show, so that the child who wears the armor can slip his arms right through. You can staple them on only one end and tie the armor in place if you prefer.

Decorate your medieval armor with metallic paint or metallic markers.


You can also make cardboard swords and cardboard castles.

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