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How to Make a Toga Quickly and Easily

How can you not have fun in a toga costume?
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In spite of the fact that almost everyone knows about toga parties, many people freeze up when they're asked to dress up for one. That's a shame, really, since toga costumes are easy and inexpensive to make, and a toga party just wouldn't be the same without all the crazy homemade toga costumes. The most important thing to remember when making your own toga costume is that togas are crazy, tacky and fun. Don't take your toga, or yourself, too seriously!

How can you not have fun in a toga costume?
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Things You'll Need:

  • 2-4 Yards Of Fabric
  • Cording Or A Belt
  • Safety Pins
You should be reasonably practiced at this move.

Place one end of your fabric at your hip. Wrap the fabric around your waist, as you would a bath towel, two times. This will form the lower half of your toga costume.

Safety pins are the key to how risque' your toga costume is.

Pin the fabric securely at the hip. Depending on your comfort level with the possibility of exposing yourself later in the evening, you can pin one or both hips of your toga costume.

The classic toga costume comes to life.

Bring the fabric across your chest and over the opposite shoulder. This will create the classic design of the upper half of your toga costume. Ladies will probably want to play with the fabric to ensure coverage. Women can pull one side of the fabric down to the waist and pin it there, to give your toga costume a triangle top. Or you can wrap the fabric from your shoulder around your neck and down across your chest to the opposite hip, giving your toga costume a halter top. See the links in the Resources below for some great pictures of others' homemade togas.

The completed, classic toga costume.

Allow the fabric to drape down your back. Use a decorative cord or leather belt around your waist to secure the fabric from over your shoulder at your waist. Ta-da! You're now wearing a simple, basic toga. For more information and inspiration on toga costumes, check out the Resources below.


The fabric your choose for your toga costume can set the mood - green for St. Patrick's Day, Patriotic for the 4th of July, Hawaiian print for a Luau. Feel free to accessorize with reckless abandon - togas are nothing if not tacky, so play it up!


  • Do not use a bed sheet to make a toga. Sheet are too large and too expensive.
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