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How to Tie a Greek Toga

Toga! Toga! Toga! These immortal words from the movie "Animal House" are chanted at many a toga party. Before going out, tie a Greek toga crafted from a bed sheet around your body. This technique is perfectly acceptable for college parties and Halloween. It creates a very similar looking style to garbs worn by the ancient Greeks.

Things You'll Need:

  • Twin-sized bed sheet

  • Laurel wreath

  • Gold rope

  • Sandals

Fold the sheet lengthwise to the desired length for your body. Folding it completely in half might make it too short.


Big and tall people might want to go up to a queen-size bed sheet. If you are shorter and the toga is too long, fold it over again until the fabric is wide enough to hang from your chest to just below the knee.

Start with the bed sheet pulled horizontally across your back. Position it so that two-thirds of the material is on the left side of your body. Hold it by the left and right top corners. Wrap the left side of the bed sheet across the front of your body, pull it under your right elbow, and around to the left side of your back. The left side of the sheet should now be wrapped around your body and back underneath the right side of the sheet.

Pull the left corner of the bed sheet over your left shoulder from back to front. Pull the right corner over the front of your body to your left shoulder. Tie the left and right top corners in place with a double knot to secure. Fold down some of the material on the right side of your body, under your right arm, to represent the sweeping curve of material that togas create.

Accessorize with a thin gold rope tied at the waist and a tissue paper laurel leaf crown. Finish up the look by wearing some leather sandals to the party.

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