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How to Make a Dream Catcher With Old Horseshoes

Dream catchers are a Native American tradition.
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Dream catchers protect the sleeping by capturing the bad dreams and visions, and filtering through the good. According to Native American legend, a creature named Iktomi wove a web for an old Indian spiritual leader. This web was created with a willow hoop and decorated with feathers. Today's dream catchers provide individuals with a good luck charm. Integrate a horseshoe, which is also a symbol of good luck and safe keeping, to add creative flair to your dream catcher.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Clean Horseshoe
  • Leather Punch
  • Decorations (Beads, Feathers Or Shells)
  • 1 Yard 20-Gauge Wire
  • 3 Yards Thread Or Fish Line
  • Needle
  • Small Piece Of Leather

Thread wire through the horseshoe from back to the front in the first hole on the left side. Measure a 3- to 4-inch loop and push the other end of the wire through the front of the horseshoe to the back on the right side. This loop will construct a hanger for your dream catcher.

Bring the wire back up and loop horizontally around the hanger portion of the wire. Thread the wire back through the first loop and cut. Twist both ends of the wire together to fasten it and lay it flat against the shoe.

Make a small knot with fishing line or thread at the top middle part of the horizontal wire loop. Make a knot on the same wire with the thread at the top right part of the loop. Continue down the horseshoe, making knots at each hole. Make a knot at the top left of the wire loop. Knot again at the middle of the wire loop where you first started.

Continue around in a clockwise direction, making knots. Knot the thread around the lower wire loop, and make another knot in between the loop on the top right side of the horseshoe and the first hole. The idea is to make alternating knots in between the previous ones to create a web.

Cut a leather circle 1 3/4 inch in diameter. Create four holes around the edges of the circle with a hole punch, two horizontal and two vertical. When the opening of the web is small enough for the leather circle, place it inside the web. Loop knots around the holes, circling the leather twice. At the final knot, cut the thread and place a small dot of glue to secure the knot.

Add beads, feather or other trinkets as decorations. Thread a needle and slip decorations on the thread. Attach them through the center hole or tie them around the edges of the horseshoe.


Use fishing line or heavy thread to add dimension to a horseshoe dream catcher.

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