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Tandy Leather Moccasin Lacing Instructions

With a Tandy leather moccasin kit, you can make a pair of moccasins with the genuine look of those that Native Americans made. Kits include pre-cut and pre-punched leather pieces, foam insoles, leather laces and instructions -- everything you need to make your own pair of moccasins.

Lay out the bottom piece of the moccasin with the outside facing down. Place the foam insole on the leather and center it. Some kits may have an outline for where the insole should be.

Place the leather tongue over the front of the leather moccasin. Fold the bottom leather up over the tongue and line up the holes. Then fold the base leather over itself along the rim where your ankle will be and line up those holes.

Run the lace through all of the holes. Essentially, you are sewing the moccasins together by snugging up the connections and tying them in place. Begin at the rear-most hole of the moccasin by the back of the ankle and put the right end of the lace through one hole and begin lacing to the right, and put the left end of the lace through the adjacent hole and begin lacing to the left. Ideally the two laces should meet in the middle of the moccasin over the tongue, where you can tie the lace in place.

Repeat the above steps to make the second moccasin.

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