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How to Patch Moccasins

Patch up your moccasins, and they'll be as good as new.
Moccasin image by Kathy D from Fotolia.com

Moccasins are some of the softest and most comfortable footwear around. Naturally, you'd be pretty upset if your favorite pair suddenly got a snag or a hole in them. You can salvage your moccasins from the trash bin by patching them up. And you don't even need to be an expert leather worker to get the job done.

Patch up your moccasins, and they'll be as good as new.
Moccasin image by Kathy D from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Heavy Books
  • Leather Patch
  • Linen
  • Paper
  • Garment Glue
  • Pen

Buy a leather patch that matches the color and type of leather of your moccasins. Patches or leather sheets can be found at most craft shops or tanneries.

Cut the damaged section of the moccasins that you will be patching. Remove as much of the damaged leather as you can, including any frayed or ragged edges. When cutting the damage away, try to make the hole as much of a circle as you can.

Place the hole in the moccasin onto a sheet of paper and trace the hole. Place the sheet onto the leather patch or sheet and cut it out so it will fit perfectly into the hole you will patch. Cut a piece of linen a little larger than the leather patch and glue to the back. You will want to patch to be centered in the linen piece.

Place the leather patch, so it fits into the hole of the moccasin. The linen should be on the inside of the shoe. Lift the linen up and apply your garment glue around the patch and the patch side of the linen. Press the linen down against the moccasin inside, securing it in place.

Place the moccasin on a hard surface covered in paper, so the patch is a flat to the surface. Place a few heavy books on the moccasin, so it will sandwich the patch and secure it. Allow the glue to dry for a day. The time may be different on your garment glue, so check its label. Once the glue has dried, the patch and linen backing will be secure in place and the moccasin ready for use.

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