How to Make Candy Necklaces With Cling Wrap

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Candy necklaces are a fun and easy craft to make. They're a perfect choice for a group activity at a child's party or Scout meeting; they also make inexpensive party favors. Some companies in Hawaii sell candy leis and offer custom designs for businesses, school graduations and other special events. Making your own candy necklaces allows you to personalize them by using a recipient's favorite candy, a ribbon in your child's school colors or seasonal candies and colors for holiday necklaces.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Assorted Candies Of Your Choice
  • Curling Ribbon In Desired Colors
  • Roll Of Cling Wrap
  • Flowers, Fabric Ribbons, Holiday Trims (Optional)

Cut the cling wrap into pieces 3 feet long, and then cut in half lengthwise, creating two long, narrow strips of cling wrap. Lay each piece on your work surface and smooth it out completely. Use one piece for each necklace.

Place one large piece of candy or two to three small ones in the center of the cling wrap, 6 inches from one end. Repeat with additional candy at intervals of 3 inches, stopping 6 inches from the second end of the strip.

Cut the curling ribbon into 3- to 4-inch pieces. Fold one 3-foot side of the cling wrap carefully so that it covers all of the candy. Fold the other side of the cling wrap over the first. Slide a piece of ribbon under the first wrapped candy; tie the ribbon firmly in a knot or bow to begin enclosing the candy. Tie one piece of ribbon between each remaining piece of candy until all of the pieces are tied in. Add a final ribbon at the end of the cling wrap.

Tie the two ends of the necklace together in a tight knot, using the 6-inch length of candy-free cling wrap on each end. Tie a piece of curling ribbon tightly around the cling wrap knot; trim off the excess wrap. Add additional tied-on pieces of ribbon along the necklace between the candies to make the necklace more colorful or elaborate, if desired.

Make holiday-themed candy necklaces by using only seasonal candies and ribbon colors. Use ribbon candy or peppermints with red and green ribbon for Christmas. Different-sized candy hearts tied with pink and white bows are perfect for Valentine's Day; candy pumpkin and black jellybean necklaces trimmed with ribbon in yellow and orange make fun party favors for Halloween. For fancier necklaces, add decorative or metallic ribbons, craft flowers or small charms.


  • Another way to make candy necklaces using cling wrap is to wrap each candy in a small piece of cling wrap and tie the plastic closed at each end. Fasten wrapped candies to a piece of decorative cord or fancy ribbon using pins or wire. Or, you can pin or wire individually pre-wrapped candies or bite-size candy bars directly to the cord or ribbon.