How to Make Bread Dough Beaded Necklaces

Final Necklace


Making a bread dough necklace takes some kneading and a little patience, but the end result will dazzle. With just a few ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen and some standard craft staples, you can create a unique piece of jewelry.

Things You'll Need

A loaf of white bread White glue Food coloring A plastic zip-close bag Pin tool Leather cord or necklace cord

These are the supplies you'll need for this project.
Sonya Nimri

Create the Bread Dough

Cut the crust off 9 slices of bread. Break the crust-free bread into tiny pieces and put them in a gallon zipper bag. Add 7 teaspoons of white glue. Knead your mixture until you get a nice clay consistency. This may take 15 minutes or more. Add more glue if the consistency is too thick or more bread if it’s too wet.

Kneading bread dough
Step 1

Color the Bread Dough

Knead the bread clay in your palms, adding drops of food coloring into the mixture until you achieve the desired color. Keep in mind that the more drops you add, the darker the dough.

Step 1

Make Round Beads

A round bead is easily made by rolling a ball of bread dough in your palms to form a ball and then poking a hole through it with a pin tool.

Sonya Nimri

Make Rose-Shaped Beads

To create a rose-shaped bead, make one long hot dog shape with a small ball of bread dough and flatten it slightly. Lift one end off of the surface and roll it into a spiral like a cinnamon roll. Then follow steps 6 - 8.

Center of the rose
Step 2

Make the Petals for Rose-Shaped Beads

Roll out balls into flattened pancakes. For a small rose, make three pancake petals the size of dimes. For a bigger rose, make three dime sized petals, and three nickel-sized petals. Attach them at the bottom of the clay spirals, slightly overlapping, like real petals.

Add petals to the spiral
Step 3

Help the Rose Bead "Bloom"

Pinch the petals lightly outwards either in the center of the petal, or once on each side of the petal to make your rose bloom.

Blooming roses
Step 4

Make the Rose Into a Bead

Take a pin-tool and push a hole through the back of the rose, leaving enough dough behind the hole so that the rose doesn’t fall apart.

Make it into a bead
Step 5

Create a Necklace

String your beads on a leather cord or necklace cord. Then let them dry for a couple of days. They will be delicate so make sure the roses are completely dry before wearing; this may take up to 2 days. If a petal does fall off, glue it back on with white glue and it will be as good as new.

String of roses
Step 6