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How to Make a Big Hershey's Candy Kiss Container

Hershey Kisses are popular treats around Christmas and Valentine's Day. Regular kisses are little, but there is a 7 1/2 oz. giant kiss that is usually presented as a novelty gift. This simple craft creates a container to carry small gifts, but the packaging looks like a big Hershey's kiss. The recipient will open it thinking it is a big Kiss only to get some other gifts and candies. It can be put together in less than an hour.

Things You'll Need:

  • Funnel
  • White Paper
  • Tin Foil
  • Small Gifts
  • Tape

Tear off a piece of tin foil slightly longer than a sheet of notebook paper. Lay the foil flat on the table.

Fill a paper funnel cone with small gifts like movie tickets, bracelets, smaller candies (like regular Kisses) and more. Turn it over in the center of the tin foil so it resembles a birthday hat.

Pull the corners of each side of the tin foil to the top of the funnel. Each end should just meet at the point. Push the sides of the paper onto the side of the funnel to give it that crumpled look of a covered Hershey's kiss.

Use tape to attach a slip of white paper to the bottom of the package to resemble the paper used by Hershey on its kisses. Write any gift message on the paper, then wrap the remaining ends of the foil tightly around one end of the paper.

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