How to Make Braided Keychains

Braided keychain by Natasha Lawrence

Things You'll Need

  • Three medium-thickness cord strands - 20 inches long, each
  • Key ring
  • Scissors

A braided keychain can be a quick and creative project to give as a gift or to make for oneself from necessity to collect loose keys. Any variety of cords and colors can be used to make these keychains, provided they are made with durable materials and can withstand wear and abuse. It should be large enough to hold a number of keys and heavyweight enough to hold the keys' weight as well as have a loop to make it convenient to hold.

Braiding a keychain

Hold the three cords together, side by side and align the ends of each strand. Make a loose knot with the three cords, but not too tight (it will be undone to create the keychain loop later).

Sample keychain cords

Begin braiding by laying the three cords flat on a work table. Take the cord on the right in one hand and cross it over the middle cord and under the left cord. Take the left cord and lay it over that cord. Take the middle cord (now under the prior two cords and on the right) and lay over the cord that is now in the middle.

Gently tighten the cords as you work along. Pull out the individual cords at the bottom so they do not get tangled together (see illustration in Step 1).

At one point in the braiding process, stop and slip a key ring onto one of the cords. Then continue braiding until a braid about 8 inches long has been made. Then carefully loosen the original knot that held the three cords together and bring the six strands together. Make a tight knot with the six strands, pulling at each of the six cords that are sticking out where the knot is to tighten it.

With scissors, cut the cord strands to make them the same length, like a tassel. Slip keys onto the metal ring of your new braided keychain.


  • The braided keychain can be made longer as desired, lengthening the cords needed for the project. Attach charms, souvenirs or other accessories to the keychain as it is being braided.