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How to Make an Origami Beyblade

Beyblade world championships began including the US in 2003
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The first ever Beyblade Battle Association Championships came to the US in 2003 after the television series became an instant hit in 2001 reports Kidz World, and online magazine for kids. Beyblade, the Japanese manga-turned-anime about a group of kids who team up and battle with enchanted spinning tops called beyblades, has inspired kids all over the world to compete in mock tournaments. If you want to make your own beyblade using the Japanese paper folding art of origami all you need is a single sheet of paper.

Things You'll Need:

  • Markers (Optional)
  • 6-Inch Square Sheet Of Paper

Fold your sheet of paper in half horizontally and then unfold it. Fold the top and bottom edges to the center crease.

Fold the top left corner downwards, lining it up with the bottom edge. Fold the bottom right corner upwards, lining it up with the top edge. Unfold this, leaving the bottom left and top right triangle flaps folded.

Tuck the bottom right corner under the top half of your paper and tuck the top left corner under the bottom half of your paper.

Fold the left corner/flap to the right, lining the edge up with the top edge of your paper. Fold the right corner/flap to the left, lining the edge up with the bottom edge of your paper. Unfold both corner/flaps.

Fold the left corner/flap downwards, lining it up with the new vertical crease created in Step 4. It should fold perfectly in half. Repeat this with the right corner/flap, folding it upwards instead of downwards. Unfold both corner/flaps.

Tuck the left corner/flap into the left diagonal pocket. It should slide in perfectly. Tuck the right corner/flap into the right diagonal pocket.

Decorate your beyblade as you like with markers. Some beyblades have a dragon, cobra, eagle or other fantasy-type character head in the center. Set it on a flat, smooth surface to spin it.

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