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How to Make a Paper Slinky

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Playing with a slinky is always a wonderful diversion from work or boredom. However, if you find yourself without a slinky when boredom hits, there's a creative answer to that problem. All you need to know to make your own paper slinky is how to fold paper.

Fold a piece of 6-by-3-inch paper in half horizontally. Open the paper and fold each end horizontally towards the center using the first fold in the middle as a guide. If you have folded correctly, your paper will have four sections of the same size.

With the paper in a horizontal position, fold each end inward until they meet equally in the middle. Press in a sharp crease and hold. Fold the paper in half horizontally again, folding away from the two ends that meet in the middle. The two ends meeting in the middle should be on the outside.

Turn the paper until the ends that meet in the middle are on top. Hold the left side of the paper tightly and pinch the tip of the fold on the right between your fingers and pull it up into a 90-degree angle (L-shaped). Hold the position, lay the paper flat, and press the fold to secure the shape.

Turn the paper over horizontally and hold the left side with a firm grip and pinch the tip of the fold on the right between your fingers and pull it up into a 90-degree angle. Lay the paper flat and press the fold to secure the shape. The finished piece is in the shape of a “C”.

Hold two folded paper "C's" facing each other. Slide the top arm of the right “C” into the top arm of the left “C” making sure the folds of the left piece slide inside the folds of the right piece. The bottom ends of both "C's" will be unattached.

Continue connecting folded "C's" until all the pieces you folded have been added to create the paper slinky. Thirty pieces will make an adequate slinky but you can add as many paper slinky links as you want.


If you find making your own paper slinky too labor intensive, use a stack of sticky notes to make an impromptu slinky. Start the movement the same way you would with any slinky by leading the top of the stack where you want your slinky to travel.


  • Strive to fold as straight and accurate as possible so your pieces will fit together easily.
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