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How to Draw a Perfect Heart

Whether you can draw or not, you can render a heart correctly. If you want an elongated, round or odd shaped heart, but need both sides to come out the same, the method used in this article will allow that to happen. With simple tools hanging around the house, anyone, including children, can become accomplished at heart making.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Fold a piece of standard-sized (eight and half by 11 inch) paper or a square piece of paper in half. Make sure the edges of the paper match and are even.

Use the pencil to draw a heart shape at the folded edge of the paper. A large heart will start an inch and a half from the top corner fold on the paper. Draw the curved line to a quarter inch from the top of the paper pulling the pencil in an arc as it moves downward. The widest part of the curved arc on the outer side of the heart will be a quarter inch from the paper edge and will start to curve toward the lower folded corner.

End the heart at the bottom by placing the point at the lower corner fold. Cut the heart out using the scissors following the drawn line.

Unfold the heart and smooth the paper. Your heart is now shaped perfectly on both sides.

Make an elongated heart using the same method as described above, but change the dimensions. Fold the paper lengthwise and then mark the heart and cut it out. Cut out a group of smaller hearts using this method on a single sheet of paper. Make sure the fold is even and the sides of the folded paper match.


Vary the color and size of the hearts and glue them together, one over the other. Use glitter glue to make fancy designs on the hearts. Use pinking shears or paper crafting scissors to cut out hearts with different shaped edges.

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