How to Make an Origami Butcher Hat

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There are different hats you can create out of origami, including a butcher hat. Many of the folding techniques applied to making hats are repeated for similar shapes. For instance, you can use the folding techniques for an origami Chinese beanie cap to make a butcher hat. There are a few minor changes to the width of folds to make a butcher hat, such as folding a taller rim to go around the head. Using origami paper, you can create a butcher's hat that is 5 inches wide on each side of the hat to fit a young child’s head.

Fold the origami paper in half, placing the right side to the left side. Unfold the paper.

Bring the top edge down to the bottom edge to fold the origami paper in half.

Fold the left and right corners at the top down 1 inch to form two triangle flaps.

Bend the first layer of the bottom edge up to go over the triangle flaps 1/2 inch.

Fold the left and right side edges to the backside 1/2 inch. One side of the origami butcher hat is complete.

Fold the remaining layer of the bottom edge up at the same level to the other side of the hat, slightly spread open the two layers on the bottom and the origami butcher hat is ready for wear.


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