How to Make an Earth Costume

earth image by Orlando Florin Rosu from

Things You'll Need

  • Brown pants
  • Brown socks
  • Brown shoes
  • Newspaper
  • Extra large long-sleeved white shirt
  • Marker
  • Green, blue and brown cloth paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Green, blue and brown sequins
  • Strong craft glue
  • Cotton stuffing
  • Green, blue and brown face paint

Whether it’s Halloween or Earth Day, an Earth costume, given enough time and creativity, can be a crowd pleaser and a show stealer all at once. With minimal costume design experience, you can put together an arrangement of brown, green and blue accessories to get the point across clearly. Using this plan as a guide, you can customize your Earth costume to fit your personal style.

Set aside your brown pants, socks and shoes. This is the base of your Earth costume and will go on first when you get dressed.

Lay newspaper out on a flat workspace.

Lay your extra large T-shirt out on the newspaper.

Draw land and water boundaries on the white shirt with your marker. Draw large, curvy land masses. The water will fill in the space between each land mass.

Paint the land masses green and brown.

Paint the water blue.

Let the paint dry completely overnight.

Add green, brown and blue sequins to the T-shirt for flare. Secure each piece with strong craft glue. Let the glue dry overnight.

Put on your brown pants, socks and shoes.

Put on your extra large T-shirt.

Stuff the T-shirt with cotton in the front and back to make your midsection round like the Earth. Tuck your shirt in to secure the cotton filling.

Paint your face with brown, green and blue face paint just before going out.


  • Have a friend stuff the cotton in your shirt to make sure it comes out as round and even as possible.