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How to Make Your Character in "Skate 3" Look Like Bam Margera

Bam Margera is famous not only for his work on the physical-comedy show "Jackass," but also for his skateboarding. While he isn't a selectable character in "Skate 3," it's not difficult to create a look-a-like through the game's extensive character customization. The process will take a little bit of time, but it allows you to not only create his physical features, but what you think his clothes and style will look like.

Enter the "Edit Skater" mode from the main menu. Select "Body Mods." Go to the "Skin" option. Duplicate Bam's fair-colored skin by selecting the color second from the left.

Select the "Hair" option. Scroll through the options to find one of two options. Pick either "Middle Part" or "Moused Up" to recreate two styles of hair that Bam will go with. Head to "Body Shape" next. Leave the marker around the middle of the slider, as Bam is neither skinny nor fat and this will replicate his body type accurately.

Go to "Face Modification." Pick "Eyes" and choose the light blue color, which is the farthest on the left. Leave the "Rotation" and "Width" sliders alone, but move the "Height" slider slightly to the right.

Adjust the "Brow" section. Choose the third option under "Style." Leave the "Profile" and "Rotation" sliders, but move the "Height" slider about half-way between the middle and the far-right. Move to the "Nose" section and move the "Length" slider to the left. Move the "Width" slider halfway to the right and pull the "Height" slider halfway to the left. Leave the "Curve" slider as is.

Select the "Jaw" section. Move the "Definition" slider a small amount to the right. Move the "Roundness" slider a bit to the right as well. Decide if you want Bam to be smiling or not by playing with the "Smile" slider. Leave the "Chin" section as is.

Go to "Facial Hair" and scroll through the options. Choose either "Billy Goat" or "Goatee" -- two styles that Bam Margera alternates between.

Choose "Upper Body Tattoo." Pick tattoos to imitate where the real tattoos are on Bam. Place tattoos on both arms and shoulders. Place a long tribal design on the right of his torso. Place a tattoo on the very bottom of his stomach, right around the pant line.

Leave the "Body Mods" section and select "Merchandise" in the "Edit Skater" mode. Select "T-Shirts" and select the long-sleeve option in the top-right. Change to color to grey, a color that Bam often wears. Leave "Pants" on the default choice and lastly go to "Shoe." Pick any of the black shoes, as this is a color of shoe Bam often wears.


Play around with the clothing choices to customize the kind of look you want Bam to have.

Keep coming back as you play the game to see what new clothing options have been unlocked.

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