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How to Draw Eyes for a Bunny Rabbit

Draw a bunny rabbit's eyes.
rabbit image by Henryk Olszewski from Fotolia.com

Artists and people with creative artistic abilities don't think twice when asked to draw a quick picture to decorate a greeting card, picture or note. For others, however, drawing a figure that accurately represents the actual object offers a challenge. Artists frequently tell their non-artistic friends to "just draw it as you see it," but for a non-artistic parent whose child wants an accurate bunny rabbit on her birthday cake or school poster, that advice doesn't work well. If you learn to draw the liquid bunny rabbit eyes right, you'll be well on your way to having a reasonable drawing.

Look at a photo of a rabbit's profile. Note that the eye sits in the middle of the side of the head.

Looking at a right profile of the rabbit, draw the eye in the middle of the side of the head as a circle with slants protruding from the top and bottom of the circle's perimeter. The bottom slant should point out of the circle toward the rabbit's nose and the top slant should point out of the circle exactly opposite the bottom slant.

Fill in the circle with pencil filler, as the bunny rabbit eye's pupil. Leave a little circle near the top slant empty of pencil filler. This becomes the light's reflection in the pupil.

Alternatively, fill in the eye with pencil filler, but leave a complete band of white surrounding the pencil filler pupil and a white circle at the top of the filler for the light reflection in the bunny rabbit's pupil.

Add an arch about an inch above the bunny rabbit's eye as the eyebrow.

Repeat the process for the bunny rabbit's left profile.

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