How to Draw a Cattle Brand

By Yoonmi Kim ; Updated September 15, 2017
Cattle branding is used to identify the owner of particular cows.

Cattle brands are an iconic part of America's western heritage — a signature of the Wild West. Imagine a rugged cowboy branding his livestock to stave off cattle rustlers and prove which cattle are his own. Farmers and ranchers still use brands to this day.

You can design and draw your own brand to have a little piece of the bygone Wild West. This is a fun activity to do with a child, and the finished drawing makes a nice keepsake.

Beginning at the upper left-hand corner of the paper to avoid smearing your brand, draw a symbol that represents you. An initial is a simple symbol that's easy to draw. For example, if you use the letter "E," draw it in large, clear print.

Draw a crazy brand, which is a mirror image of a regular brand, by reversing your original symbol. For example, if you used the letter "E," then draw a backward "E" on the right-hand side of the paper facing your first "E."

Draw a circle brand by enclosing your original brand inside a circle. Beginning in the upper left-hand corner, draw a circle that touches the outermost points of your brand. You may want to first draw the circle lightly in pencil until you get a nice, even circle you can then trace over in marker.

Try drawing other creative symbols, and after you have found one you like best, draw it on a fresh piece of paper and sign it with your name.


Modern brands are much more complicated than those from the past. Design one as if it were your own company logo.

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