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How to Draw a Fireman's Hat

A firefighter's hat protects him.
feu de savane image by Philippe SURMELY from Fotolia.com

Whether you’re decorating a child’s room or creating your own invitations to a firefighter-themed birthday party, you may need to know how to draw a fireman’s hat. Luckily, drawing your fireman’s hat isn’t complicated; once you have a few geometric base sketches on paper, you can erase overlapping lines and darken your final lines. Do a few practice sketches until you get the feel of things before moving on to where you actually need to draw your firefighter’s helmet.

Things You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil

Draw a tall semi-circle lightly on your paper with the rounded edge along the top and the flat edge on the bottom.

Draw a second semi-circle using the same base as the first, but make this semi-circle wider along the base and only half as tall as the first. Center this semi-circle slightly off to the right from the center of your first semi-circle.

Draw a vertical line down the center of your first semi-circle. Draw a second vertical line parallel to the center line that starts on the left side of your first semi-circle.

Draw a horizontal line at both the top and bottom of your parallel lines to connect them and form a rectangle. Draw a triangle on top of the rectangle.

Erase any lines within the rectangle from the semi-circles. Erase the straight line from the base of the triangle, which is also the top of the rectangle. Also erase the lines of the second semi-circle that appear within your first semi-circle.

Darken the remaining lines of your rectangle, triangle and first semi-circle. Draw in detailing such as putting a number in the center of your rectangle, if desired. Darken the line along the bottom of your semi-circles to emphasize and shade the base of the hat.


As you work your drawing, remember to press lightly on the initial lines you draw so you don’t leave impressions on your paper even after you have erased the lines. Add more detailing to the hat, depending on what you want it to look like, or color it in when you finish with a red crayon or colored pencil.

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