How to Make an Army Girl Costume

Looking into your closet or drawers, you may see clothes, but when you use your imagination, you can see how putting together some of the pieces transform into an army girl costume. For the costume pieces not in your wardrobe, a trip to the local army navy store, party store or second hand store typically provides you access to the missing essential components you can buy to complete the army girl costume. Since the costume is for a girl, you can even switch out the typical army color scheme of tan and olive camaflouge with pink instead.

Things You'll Need

  • Camaflouge Green Or Tan Beret Or A Round Helmet
  • Black Face Paint
  • Camaflouge Pants Or Skirt
  • Black Or Tan Work Boots
  • Toy Machine Or Shot Gun
  • Olive- Or Tan-Colored Short Sleeve T-Shirt Or Tank Top

Put on the camaflouge pants or skirt. You can find these at almost any major clothing or department store. The local secondhand store or Army-Navy store is another good source of inexpensive camaflouge pants. To add a feminine twist to the outfit, you may be able to find pink camaflouge.

Dress in a plain tan or olive green tank top or short sleeve t-shirt.

Add socks and black or tan work-style boots to your feet. If you are wearing pants, tuck the bottom of your pant legs into the boots and then tie the boots up. To add a little sex appeal to a woman’s Army outfit, wear black, tan or olive-colored high heels instead of socks and boots.

Place a beret or helmet on your head.

Rub black face paint under your eyes. Press your pointer finger into the black face paint and then apply it in a straight line horizontally under your eye -- right where your cheekbone meets your eye socket.

Place a toy machine gun or shotgun in your hand. You are now ready to head off to your party or event as an Army girl.


  • An Army-Navy store or secondhand store may also carry an Army pullover jacket.

    String fake machine-gun bullets as a sash over your right shoulder as an accessory. Another good accessory for an Army costume is a dog-tag necklace.

    If you opt for pink camaflouge, you can substitute some of the tan and olive-green accessories for pink ones instead.