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How to Make Airplanes Out of Paper Plates

A paper plate can be turned into an airplane.
hot dog and fries image by Ray Kasprzak from Fotolia.com

Paper airplanes can be made from more than just paper. Paper plates can also be fashioned into an airplane. The project utilizes plastic spoons and a small pebble, along with the paper plate. The result is a plane that flies very well.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Paper Plate
  • Rubber Band
  • 2 Plastic Spoons
  • Red Permanent Marker
  • Masking Tape

Cut the paper plate in half.

Leave one half of the plate intact, but cut the other half in three equal pie-shaped pieces.

Tape one of the pie-shaped pieces under the curved side of the half-plate. The curved side of the pie-shaped piece should be taped so the curved side of it is sticking out of the center of the curved side of the half plate.

Put a pebble in the spoon part of a plastic spoon.

Stack the other plastic spoon face up on top of the one with the pebble.

Secure the spoons together by wrapping a rubber band around the two handles.

Tape the spoons under the half plate, so that the spoon part is sticking out of the flat side of the plate. The spoons should be centered and facing downward.

Color the top spoon red with a marker to make it look like the red tip of a plane.

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