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Identifying Royal Bavarian China

Royal Bavarian China

Royal Bavarian China is still made today by some companies, such as Royal Bayruth. It is a quality china or porcelain that is very durable, even though it seems thin and fragile. The china dates back more than 200 years by many companies in different locations.


All Royal Bavarian China is marked or stamped on the bottom of the piece with a symbol. Most current day markings will actually say "Royal Bavarian China," as well as the country in which it was made. For instance, the Royal Bayreuth is a green stamp in the shape of a circle with a crown on top. It has the words Royal Bavarian China and Germany within the stamp.

Older China

Older Royal Bavarian China used other markings that are not used today. From 1794 to 1885, a '"T" was used to mark the china; from 1887 to 1902, a lion or shield marking was the stamp seen on the bottom of pieces. These markings can be found on plates, figurines, tea cups, pitchers and other china collectibles.

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