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How to Make a Wreath With Metal Rings

Make a Wreath With Metal Rings

Buying wreaths can be expensive, and it's often difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. Make your own wreath to complement your home decor, or to give as a gift. Whether you are making an evergreen wreath for the winter holidays, or a twig wreath for summer, the process is the same.

Make a Wreath With Metal Rings

Things You'll Need:

  • Wire
  • Wreath Rings

Select a wreath ring. Rings range from 4 to 36 inches, or more, and are sold at craft stores.

Choose the primary material for your wreath. Holiday wreaths often use balsam fir, or evergreen boughs. Summer wreaths use twigs, dried flowers or herbs.

Wrap wreath wire around the metal ring and twist to secure it in place. Section the wreath material in small bundles of 3 to 4 stems. Place a bundle of wreath material against the wreath ring with the ends facing to the right. Wrap wreath or floral wire around the material and through the center of the wreath. Wrap a second time and pull the wire taut.

Overlap a second bundle of material by 2 to3 inches so that the stems on the first bundle are covered. The new stems should extend 2 to 3 inches along the ring to the right. Wrap with wire to secure.

Repeat the process. Work from left to right and turn the wreath as you go. Tuck the ends of the last bundle under the first bundle when you reach the end of the ring. Wire the material in place and twist the ends to tie it off.

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