How to Make a Space Suit Out of Recycled Material

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box
  • Spray paint
  • Garbage bag
  • Old boots
  • Winter coat
  • Clear masking tape
  • Backpack

Many children dream of one day traveling to the stars and find it fun to dress up like an astronaut. According to "Spacesuits: The National Air and Space Museum Collection," by Amanda Young, "the popularity and interest in spacesuits...reflects the extraordinary cultural status of space flight." Creating a home spacesuit may be one small step for a child, but it's one giant leap for the imagination . To prevent your children from telling you, "Mommy, we have a problem" right before lift off, help them out with a few pointers and necessary supplies. Items from around the house will work fine in place of materials from mission control.

Cut a hole in the box about the size of your child's face. Leave room around the sides so that the hole looks like the open portion of a space helmet.

Cover the opening in the box with clear tape. The tape will give the appearance of a shiny mask.

Spray paint the rest of the box silver and let it dry for an hour. You can use any kind of paint as long as it will adhere to cardboard.

Cut arm and leg holes in a white garbage bag. The holes should be big enough for your child's limbs to fit through without tearing the rest of the bag.

Dress the child up in a winter coat, preferably a white one. Otherwise, simply slip the garbage bag over the coat (or under it, if the coat is white). Have the child also put on a pair of white pants if possible.

Slip a pair of large boots on to the child's feet. Add a backpack stuffed with a pillow for effect. Put on the helmet to complete the look.


  • Let any paint dry before exposing the child to its possibly harmful fumes.