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How to Make a Horse Stable Out of Cardboard for a School Project

Make a model stable as a craft project for school or home.
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Make a horse stable out of cardboard for a school project or to house a collection of model horses. Create a realistic look by painting the stable and accessorizing with model horses. The basic stable structure is quick to construct and can be personalized with trees, bales of hay and other horse-related accessories.

Things You'll Need:

  • Accessories (Such As Model Horses)
  • Scissors
  • Rectangular Cardboard Box
  • String
  • Sand (Optional)
  • Gray Paint
  • Craft Knife And Cutting Board
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Flat Cardboard
  • Brown Paint
  • Glue
  • Green Paint
  • Hay Or Dried Grass
  • Adult Assistant
  • Black Pen

Measure a piece of cardboard 2 inches wider and longer than the cardboard box, using a pencil to mark the outline. Ask an adult to cut it out with the craft knife on the cutting board. Paint the cardboard piece gray and and let it dry completely.

Draw horizontal lines 1 inch apart across the length of the gray cardboard using the black pen and ruler.

Draw 1-inch vertical lines in black about 1.5 inches apart between the first two horizontal lines. On the second row, stagger the vertical lines so that they fall halfway between the first set of vertical lines. Continue until you reach the bottom edge of the roof, so that the lines look like tiles.

Glue down any loose flaps on the cardboard box. Draw one or two rectangles on the front of the box for the stable doors. Ask an adult to cut around the outline of the door on three sides, then across the middle of the door to separate it into two halves. Fold back both halves of the door.

Paint the cardboard box brown and allow it to dry completely. Draw evenly spaced vertical lines around the box to resemble wooden planks using the black pen and ruler.

Glue the roof to the top of the box.

Measure a piece of cardboard approximately 4 inches wider and longer than the box to make a base. Ask an adult to cut it out for you. Paint the piece of cardboard green to represent grass, and allow it to dry completely.

Glue the stable to the base. Add some patches of glue to the grass base and sprinkle with sand to create a more realistic looking surface.

Add model horses and paint names on the stable doors. Tie a string tightly around each end of a bundle of hay or dried grass to create a hay bale. Chop off loose ends with scissors to create a square edge, and glue a stack of hay bales against one stable wall.


Don't rush when drawing the tiles on the roof. The tiles will look better if they are evenly spaced.


  • Be careful when using glue or scissors, and always work on a solid surface.
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