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How to Draw a 3D House

3D House
Alina Bradford

A 3D house is made up of two 3D shapes: a pyramid and a cube. Both are simple to make. Here is how to create a simple 3D house with a pyramid and a cube. With a little practice, you can use this house as a basis for much more elaborate drawings of houses and buildings.

Draw the back part of the house by drawing a square. Put a dot in the middle of this square and use that dot as the corner for a larger square, as shown in the image.

Draw connecting lines from the corners of the small square to the corners of the bigger square.

Draw a dot directly above the cube and draw four lines from the dot to the four corners of the cube.

Erase the lines on the inside of the house and color in the outer walls. Clean up the lines so that they are straight.

Adjust the roof if it isn't quite straight. Add details, such as a door and windows.

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