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How to Make a Toy Farm

How to Make a Toy Farm. If your child loves farm animals, tractors or barns, building a toy farm can be a fun activity. You can spend hours playing with and building your farm, adding buildings and animals as you go. It's also a good way to teach your child about farm life and animals.

Put down rugs for the floor. Outdoor carpeting can represent grass. A grass matting rug can be hay or corn. You could use a layer of paper mache painted brown or just a brown carpet for dirt.

Add buildings. Pre-made buildings and kits are available in various sizes and scales, or you could make them from cardboard. To make a barn, mark a cardboard box with a slanted roof line. Cut along the markings.

Mark double doors on the front and back of the barn. Cut along the center and across the top, with the sides uncut so that they will swing open. Draw windows with black marker. Paint the box red. Add white trim to the doors and windows.

Cut out a cardboard rectangle to fit the roof. Fold it in half so that it fits the shape of the roof line and paint it black. When the paint is dry, place the roof on the barn. You can glue it in place or leave it loose so that it can be removed.

Use a cylindrical box, like an oatmeal box or a short mailing tube, to make a silo. Paint it red and add white trim for windows and doors.

Measure the diameter of the opening of the box. Mark a circle about 3 inches bigger than the diameter of the tube on a piece of cardstock. Cut out the circle, and cut a slit down the center. Form the circle into a cone shape. Glue it to the top of the tube.

Make fencing for your farm from popsicle or craft sticks. Cut a stick in half to form posts. Glue sticks lengthwise to the post to form rails. Add farm vehicles, equipment and animals.

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