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How to Make a Cigarette Costume

A life-size cigarette costume can be made from some household materials.
cigarette 1 image by Nicolas BEAUMONT from Fotolia.com

A cigarette costume can be a fun costume for Halloween or a costume party, or could be used in a play or performance about smoking. While the costume may be eye-catching, it can be made from some common items, including cardboard, some scissors, and some paint. With a little bit of bending and cutting, coupled with the artistic application of some paint, a person can make a realistic cigarette costume without spending a lot of money.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint
  • Glue Or Tape
  • Cardboard

Cut the cardboard to a width and length that is appropriate for the costume. Be sure the cardboard is wide enough to wrap completely around the body of the person wearing it. Also be sure the cardboard is long enough to cover the upper half of the person's body, but not so long that it makes it difficult to walk. Consider wrapping it around the person and measuring how much is needed.

Cut holes in the cardboard for the face and arms of the person wearing the costume. While measuring the cardboard for the appropriate dimensions, also mark where the face and arms are, so the holes can be cut in the right place.

Paint the cardboard so it looks like a cigarette. Paint the bottom quarter of the cardboard a brownish orange color, to approximate the appearance of a cigarette filter. Then, if the cardboard is not already white, paint the rest of it white so it will look like a cigarette. Then paint the very top a combination of black, gray and orange. This will make it look like the cigarette is lit and burning.

Wrap the costume around the wearer, and then secure it in the back with either tape or glue. If using glue, be sure the wearer can remove the costume by sliding it up over his head.

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