How to Make a Sly Cooper Costume

Sly Cooper is the main character in a series of video games set in an anthropomorphic, noire-film-like world in which the eponymous character, a career thief, finds himself involved in heists and missions. You can re-create Sly's outfit for Halloween or a costume party with just a few clothing items.

Find a pair of blue, knee-high boots, if you can. If not, find a pair of black boots and paint them blue using spray paint. You can also make Sly's boots using blue duct tape.

Wear a pair of gray pants or jeans. Tuck the legs of the pants into the boots when you wear the costume to imitate Sly's look.

Find a tunic-length blue shirt to wear. A button-down shirt or a long t-shirt will work for the costume.

Trace the outline of Sly Cooper's belt buckle onto a sturdy piece of cardboard or similar material; his belt buckle looks like the outline of a raccoon's head. Cut out the outline and paint it black.

Find a yellow belt or make one using a yellow sash. Use a hot glue gun to attach the belt buckle to the front of the belt.

Tie a yellow scarf or ascot around your neck and find a pair of blue gloves to wear. Wear a blue pageboy hat, similar to the one Sly wears. Cut out a fabric or cardboard bandit's mask to complete the costume.

Create Sly Cooper's staff using a broom handle. You can make the yellow crook on the staff by carving it from a piece of foam or cardboard and painting the crook yellow.