How to Make a Satin Sash for a Beauty Contest

A satin sash is the finishing touch for a beauty queen costume.
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Whether you’re on the beauty contest committee and tasked with creating the winners’ award sashes or you want to prepare a sash to give your child no matter the outcome of the contest, you can create your own satin sash with a few steps and supplies at home. Beauty sashes may be emblazoned with titles such as “Little Miss North Carolina” or “Mrs. World,” or you can create your own such as “Favorite Daughter” or “Most Talented Son.”

Things You'll Need

  • Towels
  • Stencils
  • Fabric Paint
  • Needle
  • Paintbrush
  • 4 Yards Of Satin Fabric
  • Thread To Match The Silk Color
  • Iron

Lay towels down on a sturdy table. Turn on your iron to a steam setting and let it heat up.

Place your satin on top of the towels, reverse-side up, so the less shiny side is facing you. Fold in each of the long sides so there is an edge folded in on each side. The satin will be longer than the towels, so just start with one end.

Move the iron over the edges in a swirling, back and forth motion; do not leave the iron sitting on the satin. Repeat until each side has a crisp, pointy edge. Then move to the next section of the satin. When you get to the end of the table, stop and let the ironed part of the satin cool.

Sew the cooled part of the satin with an in-and-out-stitch as close to the ends as possible, using small stitches. Stitch up both sides of the ironed satin. Then pull more length of satin over the towels.

Repeat the ironing process with the next length of satin, then let it cool and stitch. Continue until the entire sash is stitched.

Loop the satin in half so it forms a circle, grasping the two ends in one hand. Overlap them, then stitch them together with the same in-and-out stitch.

Place one of the towels through the middle of the sash loop. Stretch out the sash and place stencils over the satin (lay them out in the order you want the letters to spell).

Paint on the letters with fabric paint, letting each one dry before lifting up the stencil and moving on to the next one.


  • If you’re skilled with a sewing machine, you can use it to create the sash stitches more precisely. Sashes may even be embroidered instead of stenciled.