How to Make a Pikachu Costume

Pokémon has become a pop culture phenomenon for both kids and adults, having appeared as a giant balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and on the cover of "Time" magazine. Other events, like Halloween and "cosplay" parties, are occasions for displaying some Pokémon fanaticism. Among the fan favorite Pokémon characters, Pikachu is one of the easiest to turn into a costume with simple household items.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Yellow Yarn
  • Yellow Pillowcase
  • Red Lipstick Or Face Paint
  • Pins
  • Yellow Sweatshirt And Pants
  • Brown, Black And Yellow Felt
  • Glue

Cut two thin oval shapes from the brown felt. Each should be about 3 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Sew, glue or pin the brown ovals to the back of a yellow sweatshirt.

Cut a lightning bolt shape out of the yellow felt. The bolt should be large enough to go from the top of the wearer's back to the bottom.

Cut another lightning bolt shape, about a quarter of the size of the yellow lightning bolt, out of the brown felt.

Sew or glue the brown lightning bolt to the top of the yellow lightning bolt.

Sew, glue or pin the lightning bolts to the lower back of the sweatshirt, attaching only the end of the brown lightning bolt so that it resembles a tail.

Cut a hole in the front of a pillowcase that is large enough to show your entire face. Then hem the edges so they look smooth and unfrayed.

Bunch the corners of the pillowcase to resemble ears and tie them with yellow yarn.

Cut out two small triangle shapes from the black felt and glue them to the pillowcase ears.

Paint red circles on each cheek and an upside down black triangle on your nose using lipstick or face paint.


  • Use safety pins instead of glue if you want to reuse the clothing items.

    Wear the costume with yellow shoes and furry yellow gloves.

    Carry around a ketchup bottle. Pikachu loves ketchup!


  • Don't use pins on costumes designed for young children.