How to Make a Miniature House

How to Make a Miniature House. On cold or rainy days, when the kids cannot go outside, a fun craft to make with them is a miniature house. This miniature house can be a pretend model of your own house (same color scheme, number of windows or furniture), or the design can rise from your imaginations.

Divide the cardboard box into two rooms by using some additional cardboard.

Use fabric or wallpaper to line the walls of the box. If you do not want to use glue or staples, double-sided tape will also work to make your fabric or wallpaper stick.

Cover the bottom of the box with fabric or felt to make the floors carpeted. For more plush carpet, you can use some furry fabric. If you have any carpet samples or pieces available, that would work great--and be more realistic.

Make all types and styles of furniture out of miscellaneous items lying around the house (spools of thread, matchboxes, cardboard, small plastic toys).

Draw the windows and the door with a felt tip pen on the box and gently cut them out. If you want the door to stay on its imaginary hinges, cut all but one side so it can open and close.

Glue or staple the lace to the windows to make curtains.

Use your imagination to continue decorating and furnishing this new home exactly the way you want it. When it is ready, the new owners will be able to move right in.

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