How to Play Duck Hunt on Your HDTV

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Things You'll Need

  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Duck Hunt cartridge
  • HDTV
  • HDTV Upscaler

When one thinks of the NES classic Duck Hunt, you probably think of grabbing an old light gun and playing the same way you did in 1985. While doing this on an HDTV is next to impossible on its own, you can use an HDTV Upscaler to ensure that your classic NES titles work on the newest TV sets.

Hook up the HDTV Upscaler to your HD TV. Depending on the upscaler used, it will connect either through composite cables (green, blue, red) or through HDMI.

Connect the NES to the HDTV Upscaler via the RF Out. You will want to take this time to also connect your cable/satellite wires as well as any DVD players you have.

If your NES model uses AV cables (red and yellow), plug those into their respective outputs on the back of the HDTV Upscaler.

Switch your TV to the proper channel for your RF Out. For some TV models, this is a specific channel, but for the majority of television sets, the RF Out is the default. If this is the case, simply turn your TV to channel 3.

Power on your NES console and begin a game of Duck Hunt.


  • While you can hook an NES up to your TV without an HDTV Upscaler, the light gun necessary to play Duck Hunt will not work due to the technology being incompatible.

    If nothing else, simply purchase the game off the Wii Shopping Channel.


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