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How to Hook Up a PS3 to an Old Panasonic TV

Although the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming console outputs content in high-definition, old Panasonic TVs, especially those that aren't HDTV, don't support high resolutions. Because of this, you must connect your gaming console using a different method other than an HDMI cable or Component AV Cable and display content in standard definition. Connecting your gaming console to your Panasonic TV is a quick process.

Locate the AV connector on the back of your PS3. Connect the connector on your AV cable to the connector on your PS3.

Connect the yellow, white and red pins on the AV cable to the yellow, white and red inputs on the back or front of your Panasonic TV. The yellow is for video and the white and red pins are for audio connections.

Turn on your TV and then turn on your gaming console.

Press the "Input" button on your remote control repeatedly to select the input channel to which your gaming console is connected. You should see your PS3's XMB menu on your screen.

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