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How to Set Up Your PS3 to Component Outputs on a Mitsubishi TV

When connected with a component AV cable, the PS3 can give you 1080i resolution.
Alex Grimm/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you don’t want to connect your PlayStation 3 to your Mitsubishi or if you don’t have an available HDMI port, the next best option for connecting your PS3 is by using component cables. Although component cables don’t match HDMI’s resolution of 1080p, they do offer the next best thing: 1080i. Connecting your PS3 to your Mitsubishi TV is as easy as matching the colors on the back of the TV with the color of the plugs on the component cable.

Connect the rectangular end of the PS3 component AV cable to the AV Multi Port. The AV Multi Port is located on the back of the PS3 between the HDMI input and the AC In Connector.

Connect the red, green and blue video plugs, and the red and white audio plugs on the other end of the PS3 component AV cable into the matching inputs on the back of your Mitsubishi TV. The component inputs are on the back of the TV on the right side.

Turn your PS3 on.

Turn your Mitsubishi TV on.

Tune your Mitsubishi TV to Component-1 or Component-2, depending on which set of component inputs you connected your PS3.

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