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How to Make a Jetpack for RF Online

Jet packs are a cloak item in RF Online that upgrade the movement of the character wearing it. The type of talic used to craft the jet pack also gives a defense bonus to the wearer. Jet packs can be equipped at level 40. Advanced jet packs can be equipped at level 50 and give a slightly better defensive bonus than normal jet packs. The same process is used for both types of jet packs, except advanced jet packs use five olive excelsiors instead of one.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 Bag
  • 1 Talic
  • 1 Or 5 Olive Excelsiors
  • 1 Gli
  • 99 Beams

Go to the Hero NPC in the village headquarters. This is Bi-Hammer for Bellato, Giss Kadasha for Cora and Rotan the Third for Accretia.

Choose item combination from the menu.

Add the 99 beams, 1 gli, 1 bag and 1 talic to the spaces on the item combination window. Add one olive excelsior if making a standard level-40 jet pack. Add five olive excelsiors in making an advanced level-50 jet pack.

Press the octagon button with the purple triangle symbol in the center of the window to start the item combination.

Collect the final jet pack into your inventory.


The defensive ability of the jet pack made in RF Online depends on what kind of talic used to craft it. A Talic of Chaos decreases the critical hit rate against the wearer. A Talic of Sacred Fire increases fire resistance. A Talic of Belief increases water resistance. A Talic of Guard increases earth resistance. A Talic of Glory increases water resistance.

The class of the excelsior has no effect on the final item quality. The class only affects the odds of successfully crafting a jet pack. Olive excelsiors with a C class have the highest chance of success. Olive excelsiors with an A class have the lowest chance of success.

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