How to Make a Hydrangea Wreath

How to Make a Hydrangea Wreath. Hydrangeas grow in colorful bunches on garden shrubs during the spring and summer. The flowers, when dried, can be used to make crafty projects such as a wreath. Feel free to grow and dry your own, or buy some dried hydrangea flowers from an arts and craft store.

Pick a wreath base. You can make your own by using a wire clothes hanger or garden vines. If you decide to design your own, make sure to shape the hanger or vine into an even, flat circle with a loop at the top for hanging.You can also save some time by buying a pre-made plastic foam or grapevine base from the craft store.

Gather your floral stem wire. These wires come in spools or in packages of 100 or more pieces, and range in size from 16 gauge to 26 gauge. The higher the number, the thinner and more flexible the wire will be for your wreath. Most floral wires are 18 inches long.

Wrap floral wire around a wire hanger or foam base so that the base is covered. Take a small piece of wire to wrap into the back of the base at the top so that you can hang the wreath on the wall or door. Choose small or large dried hydrangea flowers, and plan your layout by placing the flowers in a circle around the base. This is also a good way to pick the color scheme of your choice.

Leave about two to three inches of stem on the flower heads. Poke the stems into the foam base or wrap them around the grapevine base; then secure the stems with a low-temperature hot glue gun. Next, glue the hydrangea flower heads around the wreath base with the same glue gun.

Add the hydrangeas until the wreath base is fully covered. Remove excess glue strings from the wreath before hanging it.


Add other flowers such as baby's breath, peonies and roses if you want some variety on your wreath. You can also add other embellishments such as ribbons or dried, preserved leaves.

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