How to Make a Hawkgirl Costume

By Janine Logue
Use a blank masquerade mask as the base of your Hawkgirl mask.

Much of the items needed to create Hawkgirl's outfit can be purchased from any department store. The only items that will need to be custom made are her gray wings and black-and-gold mask. Hawkgirl's wings are quite large, so for a simple Halloween costume, you might consider going smaller. If you don't have long hair, you might also want to add a red wig to the costume to mimic Hawkgirl's hair.


Use a photo of Hawkgirl as a reference and cut black felt so it creates an eye mask that resembles the head of an owl. The black portion of the mask should come to a sweeping point 3 to 5 inches above the top of your head and 3 inches off the side of your face.

Use the hot glue gun to glue the felt to a blank masquerade mask.

Cut two indents into each side of the black so it looks like three fins or feathers. Add a thin strip of black felt on either side of the mask so it will hang down the side of your cheeks to just above the shoulder.

Cover the top of the mask with gold felt. The gold should come to a point about halfway down the bridge of the nose and sweep over the eye brows and up to the black tips at the very top.


Bend two wire hangers to resemble the letter “J.”

Cut two pieces of gray fabric into large tear drops.

Glue the gray fabric to the hook of the “J” to make a wing.

Tuck the long part of the “J” into the back of the yellow corset to create detachable wings.


Draw or glue feathers onto the wings for added detail.

Pick up a plastic mace at a Halloween store to complete the look.


Make sure the mask doesn't obstruct your vision.

Cut wings short enough so you won't trip on them or trip anyone else.