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How to Make a French Ballerina Pancake Tutu

Pancake tutus are a stiff  and extend straight out.
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Whether it is for a ballet recital, a Halloween costume or simply to wear as a fashion statement, a pancake tutu makes a bold statement with any ensemble. This style of tutu is characterized by its stiff, flat, round shape. It resembles a pancake, hence the name "pancake tutu." This is in contrast with the longer, romantic style tutus that drape downward. Many tutus will already come pancaked, however, you may have a tutu that requires you to do the pancaking yourself. Investing in a "tutu gun" will make the process of pancaking simpler and quicker.

Things You'll Need:

  • Tulle Tutu
  • Tagging Gun

Lay your tutu out upside-down, on a hard, flat surface. Fan all of the layers out flat.

Push your tagging gun into two to three layers of the tulle, starting with the layer closest to the waistband. Your tagging gun will deposit a small plastic tag that connects the layers of tulle and forces them to stick out straight.

Continue working your way around the tutu, attaching a plastic tag through each additional layer of tulle.

Turn your pancaked tutu back right side up.

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