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How to Decorate Wine Bottles With Tulle

Tulle is a fine, soft, netted material often used for tutus, wedding veils and gowns. But you can use this material to turn a regular wine bottle into a beautifully decorated housewarming gift or as present for the host at the next dinner party or family event you attend.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • 12-Inch-By-4-Inch Black Tulle
  • Fabric Jewel (Any Color/Style Jewel)
  • 750 Ml Wine Bottle
  • Clear Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun With Glue
  • 24-Inch-By-24-Inch White Tulle

Lay the square length of white tulle on a flat surface. Inspect the cloth for any snags, tears or fraying. Use the scissors to snip any frays along the edges of the tulle fabric. Check each edge of the fabric and snip the frays as needed.

Stand the wine bottle upright in the center of the laid-out tulle. A larger piece of tulle will be needed for bottles larger than 750 ml. Lift the tulle up against the the wine bottle's body. The tulle should cover the entire bottle on all sides. Pull the tulle tightly against the wine bottle's length as you would pull hair into a pony tail. Grasp the tulle just above the start of the wine bottle's neck. Wrap a piece of clear tape tightly around this area to hold the tulle in place.

Check the long, thin piece of tulle for fraying and cut accordingly. Wrap this long piece around the neck of the wine bottle, over the clear tape, as the ribbon decoration. Any colors of tulle can be used for this decorating project. Contrasting colors like black and white, purple and yellow and black and red work well. Tie the tulle into a bow with a tight center knot.

Use the hot glue gun to dab a spot of glue onto the tulle bow. Dab a spot of glue onto the back of your fabric jewel. Hold the fabric jewel against the knotted center of the tulle bow for 30 seconds to 1 minute, or until dry.

Trim the top of the tulle that surrounds the wine bottle with a pair of scissors. Trim approximately a 1/2 inch to 1 inch of the material. The tulle should be shorter than the top of the wine bottle where the cork area is. Fluff the tulle around the neck section of the wine bottle with your fingers by pulling the tulle away from the wine bottle and scrunching the tulle.


Use a big piece of tulle to start off this decorating project, because it is easier to trim the tulle than to add tulle to the project.


  • Remember to unplug the hot glue gun after use.
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