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How to Decorate Bubbles for a Wedding

Bubbles are fun for all ages.

Bubbles have replaced rice at most weddings. Bubbles can be used with little mess indoors and are non-toxic, and most wedding bubbles do not cause staining. The bottles range from plain and white, to minimally decorated with designs on the lid or side. Have an attendant hand out bubbles from a decorated basket before the couple departs or include them on the reception tables for your guests to grab when needed.

Simple Decorations

Choose simple decorations for your bubbles if you have many guests to prepare for or are short on time. Choose bubbles already made for weddings with an attached lid topper such as bells or doves. Cut curling ribbon in your wedding colors to length. Tie it around the neck of the bottle and curl with the edge of a pair of scissors.

Instead of curling ribbon, use narrow fabric ribbon. Attach a small wedding charm to the ribbon before tying in a large bow. Charms can be found in bulk at craft and bead stores. Another use for charms is to attach them directly to the bottle. For a beach wedding, glue small shells or miniature sand dollars to the the front of the bottle or to the top of flat-lidded bubbles. Attach charms that are theme specific or wedding related with hot glue.

Extravagant Bubbles

If you have more time or someone to help you, it's possible to implement more complex decorating options. Glue-on rhinestones are elegant and well suited to evening weddings or receptions. Choose the smallest size rhinestones available in plain silver or your wedding colors. Glue them on the bottle randomly or in a design, such as the date or the bride and groom's initials. Use craft or hot glue to attach.

Cut a 5-inch circle of fabric--tulle or satin are preferred. Set the bubbles in the center of the circle and gather the fabric around the neck of the bottle. Secure the fabric around the neck with a length of coordinating ribbon. Write the bride and groom's names on small tags, available where scrapbooking supplies are sold. Tie the tag onto the ribbon. Make sure the lid can be removed without having to take off the fabric.

Favor Groupings

Instead of decorating the individual bubbles, decorate the entire grouping of favors. Place bubbles and other favors, such as Jordon almonds, into tulle bags, available at most craft stores. Tie the bags closed with ribbon.

Fill a medium-size white ramekin halfway with candy. Glue a small artificial flower to the top of the bubbles and tie ribbon around the neck. Set the bubbles in the center of the ramekin on top of the candy. Make and print labels announcing the date and couple's name, and then attach to the front of the ramekin.

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