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How to Make My Own Mini Lamp Shade With Vellum Paper

Lampshades help to direct and diffuse light.
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Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Printed pattern
  • Vellum paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue pen

Mini vellum lamp shades are the perfect size for small table decorations. For large gatherings -- such as weddings or birthdays -- these lamp shades are the ideal size for wine-glass candles. Small vellum shades will soften the light and provide a soft glow for the people at the table. Each shade takes only one piece of vellum to make, and vellum is available in a large variety of colors. Print your name or the guest of honor on the shade with a date to make a wonderful keepsake from the event.

Cut the printed pattern with scissors.

Trace the pattern onto a piece of vellum paper with a pencil.

Cut around the lines carefully to cut out the shade.

Draw a line of glue down one of the straight sides of the vellum shade.

Wrap the shade around to place the other straight side onto the line of glue. Press firmly and hold for about one minute.


Before gluing, use craft punches to make small designs in the shade.

Draw on the shade with markers, or print a design onto the vellum before tracing the pattern.

Cut the shade into panels and stitch them together with string.

Place a tealight candle in a wine glass or a juice glass and cover the glass with the shade.

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