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How to Make a Fishnet Shirt

Introduce a fishnet shirt to your goth wardrobe.
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Add a zany touch to any outfit or costume by making your own fishnet shirt. Fishnet shirts are meant to be wild and flashy, making them an ideal craft project. Fishnet material offers a unique aesthetic, since it is intentionally see-through and can be worn over a top of a contrasting color.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Sewing Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • 1 To 2 Yards Fishnet Fabric
  • Fishnet Tights (Brands In Dance Stores Are Ideal)
  • Loose-Fitting Shirt

Model T-shirt Method

Choose a shirt you already own that has a slightly loose fit. Turn it inside out and spread it out on a flat surface where you can work.

Place the fishnet fabric on top of the shirt. Cut around the edges so that you have a piece of fishnet fabric that mirrors the shape of the shirt. Repeat to obtain two identical pieces of fabric.

Align the two pieces of fabric. Use a needle and thread to connect the loops along the sides of the shirt. Connect the fabric along the shoulders, leaving openings for arm and neck holes.

Try on the fishnet shirt. If the arm or neck holes are too small, snip a few loops at either side of the hole to provide more space.

Fishnet Stocking Method

Spread a pair of fishnet tights out on a flat work surface. Position the legs of the tights so that they are almost perpendicular to the waist.

Cut a 1-inch long hole in the center of the crotch for the neck hole. Remember that holes in fishnet fabric stretch and become much larger after being cut. Make a much smaller neck hole than you need to begin with, and increase its size gradually so that it doesn’t become too big.

Cut five small holes in the toe area of the feet of the tights. These are your finger holes. Pull the shirt on over your head and adjust the neck hole to be slightly larger if it is too tight.

Snip off the feet of the tights if the legs are too long and bunch up on your arms. Remove as much of the ankle as you need to create a long-sleeve fishnet shirt that reaches your wrists. Turn the ends of the sleeves under and sew the fabric together to create a hem.

Cut the sleeves about 4 inches below the shoulder to make a short sleeve fishnet shirt. Cut them off entirely to make a sleeveless garment. Remember to hem the ends by folding about an inch back under the rest of the fabric and sewing in place to prevent fraying.


Fishnet material is made from connected strings and looks the same on both sides. There is no need to turn your shirt inside out when you have finished sewing since it will not have visible seams. If you want a fishnet shirt without sleeves, use a model shirt that is sleeveless. For a tight fishnet shirt, use a model shirt that fits snugly on you; however, this will only be comfortable if you use fishnet material made from stretchy fibers.

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