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How to Make a Shrug Out of a Pair of Pantyhose

A basic pair of pantyhose can be turned into a shrug.
tights image by PinkShot from Fotolia.com

The basic shrug is a classic, flattering accessory that goes with a wide array of clothing choices. They're not only easy to match, but easy to make, too. In fact, with a pair of scissors and a pair of nice pantyhose, it's possible to create a ready-to-wear shrug within minutes. A sheer pair of pantyhose can be made into a modern, sexy shrug while a thicker pair of tights can be made into a more classic shrug.

A basic pair of pantyhose can be turned into a shrug.
tights image by PinkShot from Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • Needle And Thread
  • Pantyhose Or Tights
  • Lighter Or Matches (Optional)
  • Sharp Scissors

Select a pair of pantyhose for your shrug. Good options include fishnets, lace tights, opaques or ribbed cotton and wool winter knits. For a control-type garment, use shaping tights. Nylon pantyhose make for an interesting shrug, especially if you introduce strategically-placed runs into the design; however, the garment may not hold up to repeated wearing.

Use sewing shears to cut your tights.
scissors #2 image by Adam Borkowski from Fotolia.com

Cut off the feet of the tights. The legs are the sleeves of the shrug, so trim them down to a comfortable length. If you'd like, cut a small hole out for your thumbs. Because the arms are unfinished, they will curl upward.

Trim off the waistband and discard.

Cutting within the seamlines, carefully remove the cotton crotch area. Do not cut outside of the serged seams or e the fabric will unravel. If the tights are seamless or crotchless, skip this step.

Sew up the crotch hole with very small, close stitches, using the needle and thread. This tightens up the back panel of the shrug, making it snug-fitting. Don't stitch outside of the serged seamlines or the textile will run.


To minimize fraying, use a lighter or match to carefully singe the edge of the knit. This has to be done quickly and cautiously, and isn't recommended for nylon pantyhose. Keep the flame about 6 inches away from the raw edge to avoid burning.

Extend the life of your shrug by washing it by hand, or use a lingerie bag for machine laundering.

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