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How to Make Adult Biblical-Times Costumes

Adults may wear biblical costumes during the Advent and Christmas season for church plays and pageants, and in Bible classes as teaching aids. These costumes are characterized by their simplicity. No matter what role the individual is portraying, a standard biblical costume includes a robe or a belt.

Select the biblical figure you want to imitate through your costume. Common choices include Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wise men, Judas and other disciples, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and peasant woman costumes. The type of costume you want to make will govern the fabric and colors you choose.

Measure the individuals who will wear the costumes. Measurements to obtain include shoulder width, torso length and height. With these measurements, you can make a pair of pants and a coat. Both female and male characters can wear pants.

Buy fabric to make the adult biblical costumes. The size of the fabric will depend on the measurements that you have taken. Choose the fabric color to suit the characters. For Mary and Joseph, earth tones are appropriate; the wise men need bright colors. White and off-white linens are appropriate. You can also choose a fabric with simple stripes that make it look hand-woven.

Cut out two large rectangles from the fabric to make the pants. The size of the rectangles will be determined by the measurements you have taken. Allow 4 inches on each side of the rectangles for sewing.

Join the two rectangles lengthwise and sew the long sides together. Cut the middle of the rectangle lengthwise and leave some space for the crotch area. Sew the sides of the leg area you have cut. Fold the fabric at the top of the rectangles and hem it to complete the pants.

Fold in a piece of fabric, 3 yards wide, for the coat. Measure 12 inches from the fold and mark each side for arm holes. In the middle of the fold, make a mark for the neck. The neck should measure between 6 and 8 inches. Sew the sides of the fabric and hem the opening you created for the arms to complete the coat.

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