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Where to Buy Women's Extra Wide Width Dancing Shoes

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Finding wide width fashion shoes can be a challenge, and when you're looking for extra wide width dance shoes, it can be even more so. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for this problem.

Dance Wear Stores

Dance wear store.
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Start with your local dance wear store. Have a shoe specialist measure your foot, so that they---and you---know exactly what size and width designation you're looking for. Many dance wear stores will be able to order extra wide width shoes for you. Have the store order you a few pairs from different manufacturers so that you can see what fits best. Take a turn around the store and go through a few common moves to make sure the shoes are the right choice for the kind of dancing you do.

Online Vendors

Search online retailers.
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If you don't have a local dance wear store near you, there are several shops online that specialize in extra wide width dance shoes. Carmen's Dance Shoes are made just for extra wide feet, and they carry a large selection of styles of low and high heeled ballroom dance shoes. Ballroomdancingshoe.com also carries women's extra wide width shoes in flats and heels. Danceshopper.com carries Irish and other step-dancing shoes in extra wide widths, and Thecostumer.com offers extra wide widths in ballet slippers, jazz shoes, tap shoes and character shoes.

Custom-made Shoes

Custom made shoes.
pabkov/iStock/Getty Images

Custom-made shoes are also available. Danceshoes2u.com offers custom-made shoes in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes up to extra wide. Melodysdanceshoes.com also sells custom dance shoes in a choice of color and material, heel height and width. Your dance instructor may know of local shoemakers who can make custom dance shoes in the width you need as well.

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