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How to Put on a Leotard

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Leotards come in many different styles, colors, cuts and fabrics. Variations can be seen in the neckline, the sleeve length and the cut of the legs. Leotards vary with trends and styles in much the same way as other clothing. One thing that doesn't vary about leotards, however, is how they must be worn.

© Alexander Yakovlev - Fotolia.com

Things You'll Need:

  • G-String Underwear
  • Tights Or Leggings
  • Leotard

Wear G-string underwear. They provide the most wrinkle-free fit and won't be visible under the leotard.

Put on the tights or leggings by placing one leg at a time into the legs of the tights or leggings. Pull them up to the waistline and adjust the fabric along both legs to make sure they are comfortable and fit properly.

Stand and hold the leotard so that the back of the leotard is facing you and the front of the leotard is facing out.

Stoop over and place the right leg in through the neckhole and out through the right leg hole. While continuing to stoop, before the leotard is pulled up, place the left leg through the neckhole and out through the left leg hole.

Straighten up, and as you stand straight, pull the leotard up along your legs to your midsection. Adjust the leotard around your pelvis and buttock area.

Pull the leotard past the waistline area up to the chest. Place the right arm into the right armhole and the left arm into the left armhole. Pull the leotard the rest of the way up, so that the neckline is around the neck and both arms are in the armholes.

Adjust the leotard so that it is fitting properly and is comfortable.

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