How to Make a Feather Butterfly

How to Make a Feather Butterfly. Butterfly craft projects can be made to decorate for parties, to wear in your hair, to add to a costume or simply used to decorate your house. A simple yet beautiful butterfly can be made using a few feathers and a bit of creativity. Fun for adults and children alike, a few tips will help to get you started on this unique craft project.

Select a large number of feathers in a variety of sizes and colors to create your custom butterflies. Feathers can be purchased in dyed and natural colors in your local craft supply store.

Create your top wings using the tips of large feathers. Find two feathers which match in size and color and carefully line them up against a flat-backed safety pin, also available in your local craft store. Decide how large you would like the upper wings and the snip off the excess feather, trimming the edges as needed.

Apply a drop of hot glue to the end of the feathers and place onto the flat backing of your pin. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Select two matching feathers for the bottom wings which are slightly smaller than the top wings. Again, place them onto the backing to measure size and then trim as needed. Glue and allow to dry.

Decide how you will decorate the body of your butterfly. You can simply apply a thick line of puff paint or use your hot glue gun to apply sequence, gems, beads, leather or anything you like. Additionally, you can use glitter glue and paints to further decorate the feathers if desired.

Finish your butterfly by adding two tiny feathers to the top of the head for antennae.


Instead of flat backed safety pins, try popsicle sticks to place butterflies in your potted plants or barrettes to wear a handmade butterfly in your hair.

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