How to Make a Crashing Witch Halloween Door Hanging

Make a Crashing Witch Halloween Door Hanging

With all the witches flying around on Halloween, there is bound to be one with a bad sense of direction. Here's a wickedly cute Halloween door hanging of one such witch, and it is sure to bring a smile to all who come to your door this Halloween season. With a few simple and inexpensive materials, you can create your very own crashing witch. She can also make a fun Halloween gift for a loved one or just a unique addition to your family's holiday decorations.

Make a Crashing Witch Halloween Door Hanging

Things You'll Need

  • Sheet Of Felt In White, Yellow Or Orange, Black, Purple, Brown And Light Green
  • Scissors
  • Craft Chalk For Outlining On Black Felt
  • White Crafting Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 48 Inches Of Green Yarn
  • 12 Inch Wooden Dowel
  • Pencil
  • 12 Inch Twig
  • Cardboard
  • Poster Board
  • 36 Inches Of Raffia
  • 30 Inches Ribbon

Glue a piece of 8 by 10 inch cardboard to the felt. Set it aside and allow ample time for the glue to dry. Draw the witch's "dress" on another piece of poster board. It will have a broad, upside down U shape, with a jagged edge across the bottom. Draw the witch's hat on posterboard. Simply draw an oval first, then a smaller oval, approximately 2/3 the size of the first oval and then a third even smaller oval. Cut out these posterboard patterns.

Draw the witch's boots the same way you would draw them on a stick figure, but larger to be proportionate to the overall project size. Create the legs simply as two one-foot long thin rectangles on posterboard. Draw the arms as two long rectangles also, but with fingers added onto the end of each hand. Cut out these posterboard patterns.

Lay the cut out posterboard patterns onto your felt and use them as templates to cut out their outlines from felt. The dress, boots, large oval and smallest oval, will all be cut out of black felt. The middle sized oval and the legs will be cut out of purple and the arms are cut out of bright green.

Cut out a 3 by 3 inch piece of black felt and roll it into a cone shape. Trim the open end to even it out. Now hot glue it onto the smallest oval.

Fold the 36 inches of raffia once and then, holding the center, fold it in half again. Repeat this step until you are left with approximately 3 to 4 inch long clump. Cut the loops on both ends of the clump of folded raffia. Remove one strand and tie it around the upper end of the loose straws of raffia to create the witch's broom bristles. Apply hot glue to the end of the twig, then push it into the clump of bristles.

Lay flat the felt-and-cardboard from Step 1, with the felt on top. Assemble the pieces of the witch on the felt without gluing them on, just to get an idea of the final placement. (See the Diagram). Place the broom handle down across the center of the felt, at a slight angle, with the bristles at the bottom. Position the dress over the middle of the broom, with the top of the broom handle showing from the top and the bristles show from the bottom. Slip each leg in place under the edge of the dress, at an angle, and overlap the bottom of each leg a boot. Slip each arm in position under the edge of the dress, also at an angle. Once you are satisfied with the final placement, hot glue each of these pieces in the position you have placed them.

Fold the yarn the same way that you folded the raffia in Step 1, and cut the loop ends as well. This will serve as the witch's hair. Glue this hair onto the dress, and then glue the large black oval on top, slightly overlapping the yarn. Glue the purple oval on top of the large oval. Glue the smallest black oval with the cone onto the purple oval.

Glue the dowel along the top of the yellow felt, placing it on the back and then roll it once, gluing it again to secure it. Tie a length of ribbon with each end tied to each end of the dowel. Hang up your door hanging.