How to Make a Beanie Hat for Adults

Beanies are knitted, snug-fitting hats that are ideal for cold winters. Knitting a beanie is not a difficult task and is even suitable for newcomers to knitting. You can make beanies on knitting looms or with regular knitting needles using woolen yarns for the warmest winter beanies. Make hand-knitted beanies to give as presents for birthdays or Christmas, or you can just treat yourself to one instead.

Tie the end of your yarn in a slipknot and place it over the end of one of your needles (needle 1). Adjust the knot so it is around an inch away from the point of needle 1, then insert the second needle, needle 2, into the slipknot on the underside of needle 1. This should form an "X" at the needle points.

Loop the yarn around needle 2, then push needle 2 back through the original slipknot, carrying the looped yarn through to make two loops. Slip the second loop off needle 2 onto needle 1 so that there are now two loops over needle 1. Repeat this cast-on stitch until there are 60 loops on needle 1, which is enough for a medium-sized adult’s beanie-

Insert needle 2 into the first loop on needle 1, through the front. Repeat the procedure for the cast-on stitch, only leaving the loop on needle 2. Repeat until all the loops are on needle 2--you now have a row of knitting complete.

Swap needles, so needle 2 becomes needle 1 and vice versa. Repeat the stitches until all the loops are again on needle 2. Do this until you have 5 inches of knitting done. You’ll now have to decrease the size by dropping stitches so the beanie forms a point.

Knit five stitches as you have been doing, then knit the next two stitches together. Repeat along the entire row. In the next row, knit four stitches and then knit two together; the next row knit three stitches and two together, and keep going in this way until on the last row you are knitting two together the whole row.

Cut the end of the yarn, leaving a tail around 6 or 7 inches. Thread the tail on your darning needle, then insert it back through all the final loops on the knitting needle. Pull out the knitting needle, then pull the tail tight and tie off to secure the knitting.

Thread a new length of yarn onto your darning needle. Fold the knitting in half, wrong way out, then sew along the seam, securing the thread at the top. Turn the beanie right side out to complete the knitted beanie hat.

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